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Charlie Coyle (Minnesota Wild)

"The Militia is a great program that fields the best players from New England on a regular basis. I look forward to throwing on the camo jersey before I head to play for the Minnesota Wild."

Noah Hanifin (Caroline Hurricanes)

"Militia brings together tons of NHL and amateur youth talent at the annual Lt. Hines Charity game. It's a blast every time I throw on the camo!" 

Kevin Hayes (New York Rangers)

"I played for Coach Tasiopoulos in summer of 2011 and the talent that was brought together was unbelievable. The program really targets top players and gets the most out of them in the summer when it is sometime tough to be at the top of your game."

Jeremy Roenick (NHL Hall of Fame)

"The East Coast Militia reminds me of the type of organization I grew up playing for. The coaching staff all have great backgrounds and really know what it takes to get to that next level. The program works to elevate each players game to that next level and truly demonstrates how far hard work and dedication can take your career."

Brian Berard (1st Overall Pick)

"The attention and knowledge that the participants in the East Coast Militia program are given by the coaching staff is unmatched in the New England area."

Brian Boyle (New Jersey Devils)

"I played for the Militia in a Charity game to support Lt. Hines Soldiers Assistance Fund. The organization is a class act, and it was great to come together with kids ages 8 and up to support a great cause. I'll definitely be coming back, go camo!"

Chris Kreider (New York Rangers)

"I played for Coach Tasiopoulos in Summer of 2011 and for a young coach he has great control over his players. It is refreshing to play for such a young coach that wants to win just as much as the guys on the ice. I think this is a great program for kids of all ages."

Colin White (Ottawa Senators)

"Summer Hockey is such an important part of your development and it is essential to have a great coaching staff that will push you and get you noticed outside of your winter season. That is exactly what the Militia do."

Danny O'Regan (Buffalo Sabres)

"Playing with the Militia opened some doors that turned my dreams into a reality! Militia offers a genuine path to success for the area's top rising stars." 

Brian Gibbons (New Jersey Devils)

New Jersey Devils

"The East Coast Militia is a great program with skilled guys of all ages and I wish the organization were around a few years ago so I could have put on the camo jersey myself."

Dave Warsofsky (Col. Avalanche)

"The East Coast Militia is a great program that focuses on maximizing a player's talent and molding them into exceptional college hockey players and pros."

Zach Sanford (St. Louis Blues)

"I played for the Militia fresh out of the USHL, and the talent brought together in the camo uniforms was unmatched to any program in the area! I highly recommend joining the movement as young as possible!" 

Trevor Hanson (Coyotes NHL Scout)

"There are so many different avenues and opportunities for kids now a days, but the Militia rosters are always high end making them a must watch at today's tournament/showcases." 

James Marcou (Umass Asst. Coach)  

"I have coached Militia teams and skills for years now. The energy and expertise we bring to everything we do is parallel to the high level of intensity and dedication it takes to succeed at the next level."